UI/UX Design & Booklet Design

GreenCentre Canada

GreenCentre Canada The annual report creation included not only a designated website, but also a downloadable PDF, and booklet. The design included data information, motion and animation, and autoplay video. The main goal of the project was to reflect the ongoing scale of change that GreenCentre offers and visual communicate the numbers of the fiscal year. My role on this project was to work closely with the client to adapt their prepared content into a visual masterpiece.

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Lead Developer: Brad Marshall

Account Manager: Kelsy Flewitt

Property of 14 Theories Inc. - CEO Matthew Fair


Design Direction

Front-End Development

Content Adaption & Assembly

User Experience

Market Research

Accessibility Compliance

Wireframe Structure

Booklet Design

Statistical & Data Information Design


Fly Menu

Autoplay Video

Transitions & Animations

Data Graphs

Responsive Structure

Dark Slate
Light Slate
Blue Sky
  • Font: Century Gothic
  • Style: 400 - 700

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

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